It can often be very useful to have a storeroom near the sea. When your boat is moored/stored for the winter, you can store your gear in safe, dry conditions at the port until next summer instead of taking everything home.

You do not need a berth to hire one of the storerooms. The storerooms are available in three different sizes (3.9 m², 4.9 m² and 11 m²) and are situated in the floating pier that forms the Rønvika harbour & marina.

The storerooms are ventilated and dry and are ideal for storing fishing gear, sails and other boating equipment.


The following prices apply per month:

  • Small (3.9 m²): NOK 1000
  • Medium (4.9 m²): NOK 2000
  • Large (11 m²): NOK 3000

If you want to rent a storeroom, please contact the Port of Bodø by e-mail at or call +47 75 55 10 80.