Information about the corona virus and the day-to-day operations in the port
The corona pandemic affects society to a great extent and we are constantly receiving inquiries about how it affects the traffic in and out of the port and the daily operations of the Port of Bodø. Ports are considered as a critical infrastructure for society and thus should be prioritized in the current situation. The measures and actions taken by the public authorities to limit traffic and reduce the risk of infection are primarily aimed at the passenger traffic, meaning that ships can enter Port of Bodø and freight traffic goes on as normal, for now. The actors located at Port of Bodø are open, but many have closed their offices to visitors. It is therefore recommended that you contact the specific actor by phone if you wish to get in touch.

If access cards to ISPS areas or other assistance is needed, the Port Authority can be contacted by phone +47 908 98 020.
NB! Remember valid ID for access cards.

Current rules for anyone arriving the Port of Bodø (as of 24.09.20)

  1. Anyone arriving in Norway from abroad shall be in quarantine for 10 days, with the exception of specified countries in Europe with sufficiently low transmission (see link about infection control advice for travel and entry quarantine).
  2. Vessel with suspicion or symptoms of infection must immediately isolate the patient(s). Any close contacts are quarantined. Examination and follow-up is done in the next port, where local health authorities decide on measures for the ship. The symptoms are cough, fever, short/heavy breathing.
  3. The captain of a ship on an international voyage who suspects or confirms covid-19 infection on board is, according to the IHR regulations § 5, obliged to notify the state of health on board as soon as possible and at the latest upon arrival at the first point of arrival in Norway. Vessels that have a start-up in a mainland port in Norway and that only call at other mainland ports in Norway are not obliged to give notice, but are encouraged to follow the same routine.
  4. Do you have questions about crew change documentation? See the Norwegian Maritime Authority’s website.

Important contact information:
If you have symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath and impaired general health, contact one of the following:

  • If in need for health care, call your general physician or the emergency room on +47 116 117
  • If life is at risk, call +47 113
  • If you have any questions about the corona virus, call Helse Norges information number +47 815 55 015. The phone is open weekdays 08.00-18.00 and weekends 10.00-16.00.

It is important that people with respiratory symptoms call before seeking medical attention to avoid potential spreading of the corona virus at the doctor’s offices.

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