Bodø Municipality and the municipal physician introduced a new local regulation on Wednesday 1ts of April to limit further spread of the coronavirus. As part of measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus, it has been decided to close the guest harbor for visitors. The decision is in line with national guidelines on limiting big groups of people, reducing the spread of infection and minimizing the pressure on the local health care system. In addition, it supports the government's call not to make unnecessary leisure trips and not to be more than five people together at once.

- It is important that we do what we can to prevent and limit spreading of infection, even in the port. We are confident that people understand that there is still a need for strict measures, says Port Director Kjersti Stormo.

In practice the closing means that it will not be possible for leisure boats to anchor in the guest harbor. The service building at Molostua with toilets and showers will also be closed during the period. The guest harbor will during the period be controlled by the Port Authority and NOKAS, the security company. If it is discovered that leisure boats have anchored at the guest harbor during this period, it will be penalized.

Still possible for short-term mooring
The guest harbor will be closed for 24-hour stays, but will still be open for short-term mooring. Including daily visits for necessary supervision and maintenance of vessels, as well as use of the guest harbor as an emergency port and for supplies. Moorings should in these cases be at least 2 meters away from other vessels.

It should be noted that the regulations do not apply to commercial vessels who have been allocated a space for mooring by the Port Authority.

Held closed until over Easter
For many people, Easter is the very beginning of the boat season, and something many look forward to. The start of this year's season, on the other hand, will be something special as a result of the ongoing corona pandemic, as the Government has encouraged people to avoid unnecessary leisure travel. Consequently the guest harbor in Port of Bodø will be closed for 24-hour stays from Wednesday 01st of April at 15.00 to Monday 13th of April at. 15:00. This decision is likely to affect many people who already have planned an Easter at sea and in the port of Bodø. However, the regulations must be regarded as a measure which, in the long run, will benefit the entire society.

- Of course, closing the guest harbor is not a pleasant opening of this year's boat season, but it is necessary in the current situation. The guest harbor is currently closed until Easter, but this can be extended, concludes Port Director Kjersti Stormo.